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Our Pastor  is the most valuable asset of our Ministry, because he is the Shepard who feeds the flock.

The Purpose of the Pastor's Aide Ministry is to serve.  In order to be a servant, we must first have it in our hearts that we are ready to serve.  This means giving service to God through the Man of God, respecting him and complying with the charge that God has given him as our Pastor. The Pastor's Aide Ministry must look at the office that our Pastor occupies for God and not view him as just another man.  Every Pastor's Aide member is responsible for understanding that the ultimate goal is to be a blessing to the Blessing that God has given our church.

Our Goal, as a ministry, is to support our Pastor and First Lady spiritually and emotionally through prayer and with a variety of activities and other services.  We take responsibility for providing various items for the Pastor to accommodate his office needs.  The ministry also plans and leads the church in celebrating the Pastor's Appreciation Day, his birthday, and other special occasions. 

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